Chel & Riley Haunted House Adventure

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A Chel & Riley Adventure.

Chel & Riley receive a strange phone call from a friend they haven’t heard from in a long, long time.  Sagon has called from his uncle’s home a few blocks away.  To their surprise, Chel & Riley realize that Sagon’s uncle owns the spooky Cunningham place that most of the kids in the area believe to be haunted.  When Sagon calls, he sounds scared and is looking for the two friends to come over and help him spend the week at the uncle’s place until his mom can get back from a business trip.  Chel & Riley are not sure about helping out their old friend, but Riley’s mom reminds him that they need to be faithful friends and be there for him.  Chel & Riley get more than they bargained for when they arrive.  Not only is the house spooky on the outside, but a sudden thunderstorm forces the two to go inside immediately after they arrive.  Much to their surprise, Sagon is nowhere to be found and the two are trapped inside the spooky house.  Chel & Riley must now test their faith as they search the spooky mansion for their buddy and try to find a way out.  Will their faithfulness to their friend hold true, and can Chel & Riley figure out a way to escape the Haunted House?

Autographed by the author.

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