Where Do All The Lost Socks Go?

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Weight: 4 oz
Width: 5.5 in
Length: 0.25 in
Height: 8.5 in



Ms. Emma runs a small laundry known in the community as the “Lost Sock.”   She has a lot of regular customers and her staff is top of the line, but some recent issues with the bank has left her and her employees with some doubts about the future of the laundry.  News around town spreads of a recent robbery as a stranger, who carries with him a bag full of questions, pays the Lost Sock a visit.  Ms. Emma in a last ditch effort to save her precious Laundromat has purchased a new super-sized machine to help the community with their large volume laundry needs.  All of this cultivates into a hilarious look at how life brings us all kinds of opportunities, some of which we take and others we misplace completely.

Autographed by the author.

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