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Weight: 1.5 lb
Width: 9 in
Length: 6 in
Height: 2.5 in

Grab your sword and bow! Pack a healing potion or three and set out to reclaim Silverwood.


Teradandra, land of the five realms, the most coveted being Silverwood. Whoever controls Silverwood, rules the five realms. The king is dead and whoever controls the five gems of Alterian becomes the heir to Silverwood.

Set out on your own or form temporary alliances with other heroes to take on the evil inhabitants of Teradandra. Scattered around the five realms you’ll discover the legendary gems. But don’t be surprised if they are guarded by some of the most powerful beings in all the five realms. Defeat them and gain the power of the gems for yourself. Lose and wander the land searching for more strength, healing or companions to aid you in your search.


Silverwood is an action-packed role playing board game for hardcore gamers and families alike. Choose from 7 playable characters each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Combined with dozens of random terrain tiles and events, the combinations of gameplay are nearly endless.

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